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Enjoy up to 26 tennis courts and pickleball in Sunriver during your stay! 90 minute court times available from 8am-5pm.

Court Reservations can be made by calling: 541-593-5707
You will your vacation home address and SHARC pass number when calling.

Sunriver Tennis Courts

Sunriver Tennis Courts

sunriver tennis

Ready to play? There are numerous courts throughout the community to choose from and all of our Sunriver homes include SHARC passes with access to the Sunriver Owners Association (SROA) more than 18 hard surface courts and 15 pickleball courts seasonally.

Available by reservation, you will need your SHARC pass for access. To reserve your time, you will need the address of the Sunriver home you have booked. This is sent 2 weeks prior to your arrival, but you may request the address earlier if needed to complete your tennis reservation.

90 minute court times available from 8am-5pm.
Singles/Doubles: $20 per 90 minutes

Equipment Rental
Tennis Racket: $6 per 90 minutes; 4 pack $20
Pickleball Paddle: $6/90 minutes; 4 pack $20

Tennis/Pickleball Facility Rules:
Proper attire, including shirts and non-marking tennis shoes, must be worn at all times.
No alcohol or tobacco/smoking products
No glass containers

Fort Rock Courts: 57525 East Cascade Road
Home to SROA`s summer tennis program and pro-tennis staff. Located near Fort Rock Park between circles
4 & 11 facilities include 15 pickleball courts, a park services and refreshments hut with equipment rentals, restrooms, picnic tables, nearby picnic pavilion and barbecues (propane bottle rental required). There are two dual-stripped tennis/pickleball courts a short walk away next to the playground at Fort Rock Park.
Info: 541-593-5707 (seasonal, Memorial Day to mid-September).
Fort Rock Courts

North Courts: 17900 West Core Road
Hosts most of Sunriver`s tennis tournaments. There are nine courts, water fountains and picnic facilities. The complex is located between circles 6 & 9 on West Core Road just east of the members` North Pool and Woodlands golf course clubhouse.
Info: 541-593-5707 (seasonal, Memorial Day to mid-September).
North Courts

Meadow Village: 56835 East Meadow Rd
Available first to SROA members.
Meadow Village

Cottonwood Courts: 18175 Cottonwood Rd
Available first to SROA members.
Cottonwood Courts

Ranch Cabin Courts: 57574 Abbot Drive
Available first to SROA members.
Ranch Cabin Courts
Location: 26 Tennis & Pickleball Courts Available throughout Sunriver!
Phone: 541-593-5707