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Cafe Sintra

Cafe Sintra

Named after the town of Sintra in Portugal, Cafe Sintra specializes in dishes that pay tribute to Portugese cuisine, noted for its bold use of herbs & spices.

Casual breakfast and lunch dining while in Sunriver.
Location: 7 N Ponderosa Road, Sunriver, OR 97707
Phone: 541-593-1222
Good to Go

Good to Go

Located in: The Village at Sunriver

The Good2Go Deli is a product of the requests from customers of the recreation side of our business. We started by sending customers on trips with coolers and ice; now we have a full blown deli and catering service available. Donít worry though, we still have coolers and ice to send with you, but with the yummy addition of food and beverage!

Our staff of foodies will help outfit your groupsí food needs for morning adventures or weekend getaways. Custom menu options available as well as catering for outdoor adventures or holiday parties. With 15 yearsí experience of remote camp cooking we can cater 1-5 day river trips, or a day hike on South Sister! Our clients include Fly & Field Outfitters, The Hook Fly Shop, and Paulina Plunge. Call us today to make your next group camping trip gourmet!

Donít forget to stop by Building 17 in the Sunriver Village to get a quick bite at our outdoor sports themed deli!
Location: 57100 Beaver Dr, Sunriver, OR 97707
Phone: 541-593-0339
Zeppa Bistro (Seasonal)

Zeppa Bistro (Seasonal)

Italian for "wedge," Zeppa is a playful interpretation of a slice of pizza. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner seasonally, this vibrant Bistro is located in the Lake House. It showcases breathtaking views of Obsidian Lake and Mt. Bachelor from its indoor seating and expansive patio. Enjoy everything from morning smoothies and focaccia breakfast sandwiches to fresh salads, paninis and brick-oven fired pizzas with a glass of vino. Buon appetito!
Location: 17750 Caldera Springs Dr, Sunriver, OR 97707
Phone: 541-593-4855
Hot Lava Baking and Coffee Co.

Hot Lava Baking and Coffee Co.

Hot Lava Baking and Coffe Co has been part of the Sunriver tradition for over 30 years!

Fresh made pastries, donuts, breads, bagels, special order cakes and pies daily!

Stop in for lunch and try our delicious homemade sandwiches on fresh baked bread or bagels.
Location: 57100 Mall Dr #17, Sunriver, OR 97707
Phone: 541-593-3986